Secondary Devotional How Big Is Your Giant


On April 25, Professor David Mejía shared a topic called “How Big Is Your Giant”, to the high school boys. During the talk we could share how many obstacles become giants for our purposes but also how God is always with us and how we should lean on Him to overcome them.


We share a moment of the talk.

Secondary Devotional How Great Is Your Giant

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Earth Day Civic Act


On April 24 the students of 4th Elementary were in charge of the civic event for the celebration of Earth Day, during the activity presented crafts made with recyclable material with the idea of presenting options to reuse all that material that is often discarded And contributes to pollution and excessive consumption of trees.

A very original idea of the boys.

Earth Day Civic Act

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5th. Hearts in Action Activity


Hearts in Action brought a dynamic to exemplify the paralytic that Jesus raised from his bed, which they had to climb above the roof of a house, the dynamics had as an end to exemplify the need to increase our faith in difficult situations even in situations that seems impossible.

Once again Hearts in Action surprises us with the originality of their talks.

5th. Hearts In Action Activity

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2nd Delivery of Desks Bejucal Palencia


In January of this year we were able to contribute a grain of sand to the Public School of El Bejucal Village and now on April 18 we continue to support with another small contribution of Desks.

We believe that the seed we can bring will produce a splendid fruit in the students of this establishment.

We share a few moments.


2nd Delivery Of Desks Bejucal Palencia

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Secondary Devotional “The love of God in our lives”


On April 18, Pastor José Valiente gave a talk called “The Love of God in our Lives.”  A theme that caught the attention of young people as to the importance of knowing first what God’s Love for us is and how it works in our lives.

Of course the presence of God was manifested in the boys.

We share some of these moments.

Secondary Devotional “The Love Of God In Our Lives”

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Training for Administrative staff


On April 7 Pastor José Valiente gave a talk called “Transformers Agents” to all the Administrative staff of the Foundation.

The theme was developed based on the ability we can all be people capable of transforming our environment.

As always we share moments of the event.

Training For Administrative Staff

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Splash Day 2017


Last April 06 as in previous years was held in the facilities of the school “Apoyate en Mi” the long-awaited Splash Day where our pre-primary and elementary children had fun with different water games organized by the teachers of the school, was A day full of joy and companionship that excited both small and large.

We share some photos of the activity.

Splash Day 2017

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Visit of the Valle Verde School and Lego


On April 4, the 3rd elementary school students from Valle Verde visit and interacted with students from Pre-Primary to 3rd Elementary School of Apoyate en Mi.  During the visit, the students of both schools were able to share a moment of recreation, and the Valle Verde school made donations of basic grains, clothes and some school supplies.

In addition to this, the LEGO Company from Guatemala also visited us and carried out a Robotics activity.

In this activity, an educational method was announced to develop the intellectual area of children, where interaction is an important point and for this they took toys from the Education Series of LEGO.

Both groups of students were able to interact with this material.

We are grateful to the Valle Verde School for this visit and to LEGO of Guatemala for its contribution to the education of children.

Here are some photos of the event.

Visit Of The Valle Verde School And Lego

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Hearts in Action 4th Visit (“Listening to the Word of God”)


Again the hearts in action we visited with the activity called “Listening to the word of God”. The Hearts in Action team make a drama about how evil tries to disturb the mind of young people so that they do not listen to God’s Word.

Once more this group surprises us with the originality of its activities

God bless you.

Hearts In Action 4th Visit (“Listening To The Word Of God”)

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Secondary Devotional March 28


On March 28, teacher Evelyn Caal gave the theme “Your Victory is Ready” in the fifth high school devotional so far this year.

As always began with a series of praises that were in charge of the same staff of the College to then continue with the preaching and to finish with a ministry to the students.

The talk is meant to remind students that even if difficult times exist God will always give a way out.

Secondary Devotional March 28

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