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Proyecto Apoyate en mi

We provide everything needed for the underprivileged children in hazardous areas are fully educated.


Educate every child that does not have the necessary opportunities to improve their quality of life and regain their human dignity ..


Be that place where our students may come and learn to express themselves, learn to feel and think freely in an secure atmosphere and happiness, and this way discover the purpose God has for their lives; bringing a high level of education as well as principles and moral values by providing them opportunities to grow.


The project started in 2005 with five students by its founder Giuseppe Teruel. In 2008 we had 95 students from primary to secondary school. In 2009 125 students in that year, graduated from the first two students of high school graduates in computing. In 2011 it had 200 students, had obtained the authorization of the Ministry of Education as an institution registered. Currently has a total of 295 fellowship alumni broken down as follows:

Pre-school and elementary school: 188
Middle school and High School: 63
Weekend school: 50

There are trainings for the students with the intention of visiting children with HIV, nursing homes and other different activities.

There are specific facilities for schooling in which Pre-school and Elementary school works during the mornings with 15 teachers, Middle and High schools works in the afternoons with 9 teachers. The weekend program works with 6 teachers. Our staff is divided in: The school principal Lic. Tanya Macal, two assistants, a psychologist, a chef and two assistants, two janitors and two pilots.
Throughout the existence of this program we have provided the students with school supplies, uniforms, book bags, tooth brushes, tooth paste, shoes and busses to take the students from their homes to school and back home. Preschool and elementary school has the benefit of being provided with breakfast and snack.

When the school year begins each student is given two uniforms, a book bag, school materials, and a
pencil case with pencils; depending on our students needs they are provided with clothes not only for them but also for their families.

Major Achievements

At present there have already been four promotions of high school graduates, we are waiting for this 2014 graduation of 6 high school graduates in daily plan and 15 high school graduates by maturity in weekend plan.



For a student who begins school in Kindergarten and graduates of high school must need an investment of approximately $36165.25 besides the investments of different technical areas.


Approach and Strategy


Some of the approaches that the school wishes teach the students are: nurture a group of people with ethical principles moral and intellectual to flow into the other generations, and make our country a great nation. And the most important is looking to establish Christian values to the students. Honoring the rules and maintaining discipline.

The challenge for all of us who are part Apoyate en Mi is to improve education by raising the standards, turning this in a place where children learn, where expectations are high for all the students, bringing the academic performance up, emphasizing the value of education in the future, motivating the students to have higher aspirations in his school work.



On our education we use the most recent benchmarks, obeying the new politics for the School in obedience to the new policies in force in the Ministry of Education in Guatemala and the reform in the education building, the civic values that are needed to develop an efficient society never losing sight of the school’s approach.



Currently we have Pre-school with 34 students, elementary school with 154 students, middle school and High School with 63. During the current year we were able to open the Weekend School program along with High School by active participation, maturity. Our 33 teachers and professors are trained in different subjects and areas to accompany the students in the best way possible.

Community involvement

As part of our support to the community, motivational talks are provided to the families of our students providing the adequate tools to guide their children. Scholarships are offered, free of charge, including feeding of the student. The scholarships are offered to children who live on the streets, and those with scarce recourses, never leaving behind the homeless who are provided as well with bags of groceries.

You want to contribute to our cause?

Mision Rescate

Providing support for a group of people left forgotten and forlorn in Guatemala City.

We went out at night to feed, help and rescue the stranded people in extreme poverty and living on the streets of Guatemala City.

Rescue Mission is a project born in 2000 in response to the need for these people.  The contact with them made us aware of their economic situation, their addictions, health problems and social rejection they face.  We believe that when we focused on this problem solving efforts not only help these people, otherwise our society.

Vision: To be a strategy to support people with high need to improve their quality of life and restore their human dignity, promoting a society without people living on the streets

Mission: Rescue homeless people, caught in the vices and needy; Providing means and opportunities for rehabilitation and development, based on the love of God, to give them comfort and hope, creating in them a spirit of struggle for a better life.

Proyecto Jose

Collects and distributes articles and foods to satisfy those in need. Every provision collected is donated to people with scarce resources as well as giving some to other organizations that help other people.

Proyecto Jose


Keep our different projects provided with the supplies needed.


Efficiently capture and distribute all funds received for the benefit of our projects and help others.

This project began as a need to efficiently administrate the resources for Operación Rescate. It is in charge of providing everything necessary for breakfast, such as oatmeal, beans, cereal, veggies, fruits, bread, etc; as well as providing them with school supplies and uniforms.

It is through this project that help for students’ families is achieved together with other organizations.

Proyecto Puerto Seguro

Creating opportunities to rescue and reinsert physically, emotionally and spiritually people to our society using God’s love as a guide.


Rescue those in need, restoring them integrally with the means of reinserting them to society.


Restoring people physically, emotionally and spiritually to educate with excellence, using God’s love as a guide for them to be productive and accepted in society.

Puerto Seguro


1. Teach Christian values and principles to improve quality of life.
2. Rehabilitate people to stay away and clean from addictions.
3. Provide them with the tools to incorporate to society.

Specific Objectives

1. Form leaders who can serve God as volunteers.
2. Create a habit to later build a relationship with God.
3. Discover and exploit their talents.
4. Spiritual Evaluation.
5. Physical, medical and psychological evaluation.
6. Train skilled labor.
7. Teach respect towards life.

Foundation Operacion Rescate



This organization is dedicated to transform lives through the creation of projects with love.


Educate, supply, rescue, and restore creating opportunities.



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Contact Information

  • Address: 28 calle 15-91 Zona 6, Colonia el Molino. Ciudad Guatemala
  • Telephone: +502.22540366 y +502.22883112
  • Fax: +502.22540366
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