Meal delivery to the street | September 09, 2,020


On September 9, 2020, we continued going out, only now we returned to the late night departures. We have found many unemployed people; they are encouraged to look for Lord Jesus to tell Him about their situation, He will be interested in helping you and learn from Him and obey Him when He advises them so that everything turns out well.

“For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; His faithfulness continues through all generations”.

Psalm 100: 5 (NIV)


Meal Delivery To The Street | September 09, 2,020

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Delivery of meals to the street | March 2020

During these weeks we have been supporting and delivering food to the needy from the streets in the time of “COVID – 19”


What is it that motivates you to go out and give food?

Ivis Vásquez: “I am motivated by the gratitude of people in need, not just for bread but for their need of God’s love; in the way they receive us, because they know that there is someone who never forgets them and He is God.”

Samanta Estrada: “The happiness of people seeing that God does not forget them, motivates me to go out seeing the gratitude of those people when we give them their food; motivates me the attitude of the team that transmits love, happiness, service that comes from Jesus.”

Giuseppe Teruel:

-See that people who did not have to eat and perhaps without hope, can eat a decent meal a day.

-See God’s word fulfilled when He promises us that we will have our food, if I worry that the birds have their food how I am not going to give to you.

-see the opportunity to share the word of God to the needy.

-looking how God saves and restores them, takes them from where they are.”

Marvin Jerez: “ Beautiful, grateful to God for what I have done in one´s life and to be able to bless others that even they need more than one and bring them the message of God.”

Edgar Tepeu:” What motivates me is the thanks I have to God for a day that gives me to be able to help people who need God and to help them with food every day and through the help they are given they can continue to seek from God at any time.”

What experience did you have on these street visits?

Ivis Vasquez: “Personally a person deeply touched my heart when carrying a dirty container maybe passed little animals there, but he didn’t care only wanted us to give him more atol, but filled my heart and that makes me think that I have to share more with them, because when I give to them I am giving to God.”

Samanta Estrada: “My experience was extraordinary to feel that I am useful to Jesus; it has been one of the most beautiful experiences because I know that I have enough love to continue transmitting this feeling to anyone who bumps into me in the streets.”

Giuseppe Teruel: “

– A person what not who had time  to eat because his work is at night.

– Several people who do not accept them in shelters realize that God is still looking for them regardless of the situation he is always there.

– Many helpless old men.”

Edgar Tepeu:” The experience I had is the confidence that there is in each of the people in the street, the need that he has to know that they wake up every day asking God to help them, more in these times that many work on shoeshine, taking care of cars, washing cars and not having the income for their families is one of the experiences I have and that makes me help them with a plate of food and blessing them in the name of Jesus.”

Delivery Of Meals To The Street | March 2020

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“The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.”


Street closure 2019 – November 25 and 26


On Monday, November 25 and Tuesday, November 26, we closed the street in 2019. With the help of God we visited the different points of the usual city and shared a capsule of the word of God accompanied by a dinner that included a tamale with chocolate. We thank God for allowing us to work one more year on his valuable work and we trust that all the seeds of his word that have been deposited will bear fruit in due time.


Street Closure 2019 – November 25 And 26

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Visit to school in Bejucal, Palencia – October 25


As part of the activities of the foundation, we visited the “el Bejucal” school located in the municipality of Palencia. With God’s help we were able to share recreational activities, a biblical capsule for children, a delicious meal and a special gift for children. It has been a great blessing to bring something special for children in time, talent and treasure.


Visit To School In Bejucal, Palencia – October 25

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Street closure 2018 – November 26 to 29

During the last week of November, the team of the “Operación Rescate” Foundation went out to perform the last street activity of 2018. They went out to the streets and visited different points of the city and gave people in need first spiritual nourishment and then a tamale, chocolate and bread. It is a blessing for the “Operación Rescate” team to have the possibility to go out and share a little of all that God has given us spiritually and materially, thus being able to bless the lives of those who need it. We thank God who, by his good will, has allowed us to complete one more year by carrying out this mission and we ask him for his blessing and support to continue with these wonderful activities. We especially thank all those who have supported us during this year, stripping themselves of their time, talent and treasure, may God bless them greatly. If you help the poor, you lend to the Lord, and he will repay you! Proverbs 19:17


Street Closure 2018 – November 26 To 29

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Visit to “El Bejucal” Village – November 9


On Friday, November 9, the foundation team “Operation Rescue”, with love, passion and commitment visited the school of the village “El Bejucal” located in the municipality of “Palencia” as part of the end of the year activities. We shared a moment of fun and recreation with the special participation of “Uncle Abner” who with his grace and joy could fill the faces of the children with smiles and shared a moment of quality and entertainment. In the same way, we could share a small spare and give gifts to all the children. The activity ended with a great blessing and great satisfaction for having shared that unique moment with the children of this village. We thank all the people who put their grain of sand to carry out this activity. “He who is generous, prospers; he who gives also receives “Proverbs 11:25

Visit To “El Bejucal” Village – November 9

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Street Closure 2016


As every year was the closing of the street to be visited several points of the capital city such as El Guarda Zone 11, Mercado San Martin Zone 6, Gerona Zone 1, several Points in Zone 3, Zone 12, Terminal Zone 4 , Calzada Roosevelth, El Trebol among others. During this visit a delicious tamale was shared with all the people who sleep at night in those sectors. This is the core of our Foundation to bring a little of food and especially the word of God and his message for all people who for some reason have lost everything.

This is done thanks to all the help we receive.

We share some moments of the dinners that are distributed.


Street Closure 2016

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Street closure 2015

As every year during the week of November 30 to December 4 outputs street were made to different parts of the city where the Word of God is briefly shared with the homeless people living in extreme poverty in our city as well as a rich tamale and hot chocolate was shared, gifts to children were also distributed.

This activity is the center of our foundation and we hope to keep going because our main goal is to continue to reach all these people.


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American brothers visit our facilities and access to streets with their company

We thank our Creator for the opportunity to be visited by our American brothers in our facilities.

The pleasant visit Hopechest owner’s foundation was a great blessing for our children.

Likewise we had the opportunity to serve breakfast together our children, thank you for the offered company to go out food to our brothers in the street whom we bless with physical food and especially with the spiritual food we provide them with much affection.


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