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Delivery of Study Materials | February 11, 2021

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On February 11, 2021, we had the opportunity again to deliver the homework to parents and share with the students a small memory of the day of affection.

Teachers’ Experiences:


Dulce Sandoval: “It was nice to see them and know that they are well, knowing that they miss us and missing coming to school motivates me more to continue doing my job well done; This activity filled my heart very much. “

Fabiola Castillo: “It was nice to be able to send each student a little memory of the day of affection.”

Karla cuin: “It was motivating to be able to see the expression of happiness and to learn more about the needs of each one, it has motivated me to try harder for them.”

Katherine Aguilar: “It was beautiful since we were able to share with the children and parents, have a physical contact with them, solve some doubts about the guides, as well as make it known that the children miss coming to the educational center and share with the teachers and classmates . “

Patricia Yupe: “Having contact with the students motivates us to continue with each of the activities we carry out since they get excited and infect us with their joy and positivism.”

Priscilla Gómez: “It was a beautiful experience, to see them again and share with them, to see their happy face hugging them, feeling their affection. And the most important thing is that they know that we are aware of each one of them. “

Sonia Pineda: “Share with students and parents.”

Tamsy Martínez: “For me something very special: seeing their happy faces and surprised to see them. and happy and satisfied that they were given something simple but with a lot of love and affection, their hugs and affection from them special. “

Vivian Marlenee Par: “It was a joyful experience to see the children’s faces of emotion and joy, feeling their embrace with love and sincerity is something very special and an unforgettable feeling.”

Yesica Luzero Escobar García: “It was a very pleasant activity to be able to see the happy faces of some children with a small detail.”

“In the morning let me know of your great love, because in you I have put my trust. Show me the path that I must follow, because to you I lift my soul. “

PSALM 143: 8 (NIV)

Delivery Of Study Materials | February 11, 2021

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