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Food delivery | October 01 and 02, 2,020

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October 1 and 2, 2020, we have enjoyed this activity with the children in their day and to make it special they were their teachers, it was a delivery of love guided by God. The Lord taught us when he said let the children come to me, we had to apply what the lord Jesus with his example taught us that we had to believe like a child to see great miracles and for that we shared this beautiful experience, that to we all filled the Lord.

What did God leave you in this activity?

ÁLVARO MORALES: “I consider that the activity was unique, special and rewarding. I was able to realize how much one like, master influences the children, and the disinterested and sincere love on his part, this gratitude and satisfaction of being able to see each young person and child, what God gave me from such an activity, that he be the one who bless each child. ”

BLANCA DE LÓPEZ: “That despite difficulties and adversities, love for others is invaluable and that I must continue to cultivate the best to deliver it to those who need it so much.”

FELISA VAQUIAX: “A gratifying experience, in which I managed to appreciate the love and affection of each student, to be able to bring a smile to each one of them, it was an experience that without a doubt showed how much they appreciate and miss us, that sincere and full of love that each one of them gave us filled my soul and heart; This year was very different, but despite the circumstance, I saw God’s love reflected in each of the children’s smiles. ”

GABRIELA SALAZAR: “The satisfaction of being able to see each of my little ones, young people and parents, to be able to give them a hug and words of encouragement telling them that they are not alone, that we have been praying and thinking a lot about them, was a great blessing. ”

HEFER BETETA: “The opportunity to serve and see what God has been working in the hearts of children who, despite the pandemic and restrictions, continue to smile; A lesson for adults who are often frustrated in crisis. ”

JUDITH CHÁVEZ: “Sensitivity and empathy towards children, their innocent face that transmits joy, despite all their difficulties they do not stop smiling and being happy with something simple but they know that it is with a lot of affection.”

KARLA CUIN: “I am motivated to continue persevering because through this activity I am able to appreciate more each effort that is made, I thank God for allowing me to be part of this family that encourages the children to keep on constantly motivating them and letting them know that they have our support; it was a blessing to have lived with each one of them. ”

KATHERINE AGUILAR: “May we be grateful for the many or few things that He gives us; That the experience of seeing my children again fills me with joy since they are very special to me, each one of them, and that the support provided by the school and the Fundación Operación Rescate is vital for the families of each child. ”

LUIS HERNÁNDEZ: “The satisfaction of being able to share with the children and young people after not seeing them for so long, and also seeing the lack that they do to attend school, to live together with their friends, but above all to continue growing spiritually.”

PRISCILLA GÓMEZ: “A great satisfaction in seeing my students again, seeing their smiles, their hugs filled my heart with joy; It was a very nice experience to be able to share with the parents. ”


“The great love of the Lord never ends, and compassion is never exhausted, every morning his kindnesses are renewed; How great is his fidelity!”


Food Delivery | October 01 And 02, 2,020

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