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Delivery of food bags | June 11, 2020

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On June 11, 2020, we were visiting a place where few people arrive and it is there that God put in our hearts to deliver a bag of groceries.

Experiences of our collaborators:

How was your experience on this visit when you gave each person a bag of groceries?

EDGAR TEPEU: “Very blessed, because I know that God gave me the opportunity to be in a different place and being able to bring their grocery bags to each family filled me with joy and knowing that God was with us gives me joy because he never forgets. of each of the people ”

IVIS VÁSQUEZ: “Very special, because we did not gather them at a specific point, but we entered their homes to be able to carry out their blessing and feel the harmony of praying for them, each person opened the doors of their homes to us so They opened the doors of their hearts to God, and that is the most important thing and that Jesus does not visit you only in the flat or high part of your life, but he reaches the deepest valley making you feel loved and important. ”

KEVIN SANTIAGO: “It is incredible to see so much need, but more surprising is to see how God loves all his people. One of the supernatural things is to see how our Father sends us to places where human help does not come, but heavenly help. I feel very special to be able to be a channel of help, to be an instrument in the work of God, in which, reaching these families with these bags is wonderful, all the blessing that was unleashed in each house that we pray, the presence of the Holy Spirit was felt Our creator loves us and is always pending, he fulfills his promises, and as such, he forgets absolutely no one, as he says in his word,if he cares for the birds of the sky as he does not with each of his children.”

MARVIN JEREZ: “Wonderful because one looks at the need of people who live in rural places where perhaps many do not realize that there are poor people and thank God and Operación Rescate that has allowed us to reach out to bless these families with a grocery bag. ”

SILVIA RAYMUNDO: “It was a pretty nice experience, thanks to God. Helping other people feels good because it makes us feel more human and blessed. We thank God and the people who help donate food and Don Giuseppe who is the person who God put in the way for people in need of a help that God bless Fundación Operación Rescate. ”

“No ane will be able to stand up against you all the days of your life, As I was with moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Joshua 1: 5 (NIV)

Deliver Of Food Bags | June 11, 2020

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