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Delivery of food bags Aldea El Bejucal | June 2020

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During the month of June 2020, we delivered some grocery bags to the Aldea El Bejucal

Experiences of our collaborators:

A: You interacted with some of the people

B: What difference do you see in people

DALLAN SANTOS: “We interact with several people, seeing the joy on their faces we realize the need they had, and the grateful people who went to the group with the words of gratitude make our hearts happy; God does not forget them, they are always in his heart that little village, because God always blesses them in such a wonderful way.”

EDGAR TEPEU: “Very happy to know that God takes me into account to bless other people with a bag of groceries and to see the joy of each one of them, because they brought food to their homes, that is something that fills me with joy to continue helping, because I don’t know if they had a plate of food during the days they were at home without going out to work, but what I do know is that God is going to be with each one of them.”

GIUSEPPE TERUEL: “They are humble and forgotten people, they felt good that they had been taken into account and I realize how God is always aware of the need of each one; all people are in need, in the streets in the mountains that is what makes the difference but God sees your need and helps you wherever you are and He is interested in getting to know him better to have a personal relationship with people.”

IVIS VÁSQUEZ: “A: Yes, a person when we delivered her bag, she said to me” I have no way to pay you, but God will reward you “I was moved by her attitude because I know that God was in this person, she was very grateful and that made me feel best.

B: Their faces of gratitude, I could only see that happiness that they were going to share with those at home. ”

KEVIN SANTIAGO: “A: Yes, many faces of need and sadness could be seen, one of the families represented all the mothers who came to stand in line, one of them approached me and told me that she did not imagine that we were coming for them, since that sometimes they don’t even have for breakfast. He thanked the group so much and blessed us and was very happy.

B: At the beginning you see an uncertainty: then we saw happiness and total gratitude. God has sent us to serve places that will be transformed by the love that He has placed in our hearts; I thank God for such a beautiful opportunity to be able to bring blessing.”

MARVIN JEREZ: “When we arrived with the bags, I saw a happy face with the people, knowing that we were bringing them help, and I talked with some of them and that mother told me that she never imagined that she was going to be given a bag of groceries and was grateful for God and the people who did this work because they never imagined that, being a place so far away, God was going to listen to their prayers because he did not know what to do because there was no work, but today she realizes that God did not forget her, that is what I talk to that person and I am grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to help families in need. ”


SAMANTA ESTRADA: “My experience of giving and blessing a person is always the best experience, when we really know the reason that it is to bless a person, it changes the meaning of everything, God giving me that opportunity to serve him I feel so special because he chose me to bless his children. ”

URBANO GARCIA: “Very good, seeing the faces of the women receiving their very satisfactory grocery bag and thinking that they are going to bring many plates of food to the table, leaves one eager to return and help them again. Through other people who provide and bless many families who need a helping hand, God bless all who make it possible for this help to come. ”
“In the morning let me know of your great love, because I have placed my trust in you. Show me the path I must follow, because I lift my soul to you. ”

 Psalms 143: 8 (NIV)

Delivery Of Food Bags Aldea El Bejucal | June 2020

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