Material delivery | March 2020

During these weeks we have been supporting and delivering the study material to parents in the time of the “COVID-19”


What is it that motivates you to go out and deliver the study material?

Ivis Vásquez: “I remember each one of them by name and in how much I appreciate each one; I remember every hug of the kids and when we attended them when passing something to them, that’s why I reason so that they can continue learning from home, and also remember that they are important that we will be waiting for them with open arms, I miss them very soon we will see each other again.”

Samanta Estrada: “My first motive is God because he has taught me that I have to serve, my second motive is the children knowing that tomorrow will make great people; my third reason is that I know that I am putting a grain of sand or a mustard seed that I know will someday become a big tree and this tree will have many fruits and still will leave seeds and these will grow like this big tree(this tree represents every person to whom I can serve and leave that seed).”

Dallan Santos:” To see the smile of the children, the happiness caused by this small but valuable detail, to give them some of what they often gave us is something wonderful this experience that we do every year.”

Edgar Tepeu: “What motivates me is every student in the school because I know that from them there will be great leaders and capable people for the development of Guatemala.”

Marvin Jerez: “Help them and motivate them so that they can keep going and that they always keep on wanting them, when they come out of their studies they can help others as well.”

Maritza Vargas: “One of my motivations and personally the most important is the responsibility you have with each child; it is a duty to support in any circumstance the most needy and especially those who depend on you, in one way or another. “

Gabriela Cobar: “help the children and their parents to receive their materials closer to their homes so that it is not so difficult for them to receive the materials so that the children can do their tasks more comfortably.”

Gabriela Salazar: “I am motivated to put my bit to continue contributing to the education of young people, to serve in this way, since in each brochure I deliver it is done with love for each one of my

What is your best experience in these deliveries?

Ivis Vásquez: “My experience and satisfaction is that they fulfill their jobs, the fact of seeing each parent go to leave the work done by their children satisfies me because I know that from home they continue to form.”

Samanta Estrada: “Service, I believe that knowing that I am working for God makes it a great Experience; everything that comes from God makes it so special because I do it from my heart, Service by giving food on the streets and other places bring the material to the children so that one day they become greater (bringing God’s blessing and love to other people is the best experience).”

Dallan Santos:” Enjoying this experience with the children, which may be a little small for us, but for them it is everything, these experiences make me every year improve their study material so that they have a better quality for their teaching.”

Edgar Tepeu: “The experience is that every parent was happy to know that each of their children could continue studying at home and that they would be there to support them.”

Marvin Jerez: “When the children look at someone who is going to leave their homework, they are happy, because they know that we are always helping them; the experience is to see their happiness that they can go on. ”

Maritza Vargas: “Knowing that each child continues to learn from home, that their time is not wasted, but is used in these times where the well-being of children must be taken care of.”

Gabriela Cobar: “The thanks of the parents and children when they receive their material, the hugs when they receive their worksheets saying that God bless them because it is not so difficult for you to receive the material.”

Gabriela Salazar: “Seeing how the parents arrive week by week, personally one of my best experiences was when, by handing over one of the brochures, I was able to learn a little more about the situation that the family of one of my students was going through and know how God used me as his instrument to help you. ”

Material Delivery | March 2020

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“Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.”


Delivery of meals to the street | March 2020

During these weeks we have been supporting and delivering food to the needy from the streets in the time of “COVID – 19”


What is it that motivates you to go out and give food?

Ivis Vásquez: “I am motivated by the gratitude of people in need, not just for bread but for their need of God’s love; in the way they receive us, because they know that there is someone who never forgets them and He is God.”

Samanta Estrada: “The happiness of people seeing that God does not forget them, motivates me to go out seeing the gratitude of those people when we give them their food; motivates me the attitude of the team that transmits love, happiness, service that comes from Jesus.”

Giuseppe Teruel:

-See that people who did not have to eat and perhaps without hope, can eat a decent meal a day.

-See God’s word fulfilled when He promises us that we will have our food, if I worry that the birds have their food how I am not going to give to you.

-see the opportunity to share the word of God to the needy.

-looking how God saves and restores them, takes them from where they are.”

Marvin Jerez: “ Beautiful, grateful to God for what I have done in one´s life and to be able to bless others that even they need more than one and bring them the message of God.”

Edgar Tepeu:” What motivates me is the thanks I have to God for a day that gives me to be able to help people who need God and to help them with food every day and through the help they are given they can continue to seek from God at any time.”

What experience did you have on these street visits?

Ivis Vasquez: “Personally a person deeply touched my heart when carrying a dirty container maybe passed little animals there, but he didn’t care only wanted us to give him more atol, but filled my heart and that makes me think that I have to share more with them, because when I give to them I am giving to God.”

Samanta Estrada: “My experience was extraordinary to feel that I am useful to Jesus; it has been one of the most beautiful experiences because I know that I have enough love to continue transmitting this feeling to anyone who bumps into me in the streets.”

Giuseppe Teruel: “

– A person what not who had time  to eat because his work is at night.

– Several people who do not accept them in shelters realize that God is still looking for them regardless of the situation he is always there.

– Many helpless old men.”

Edgar Tepeu:” The experience I had is the confidence that there is in each of the people in the street, the need that he has to know that they wake up every day asking God to help them, more in these times that many work on shoeshine, taking care of cars, washing cars and not having the income for their families is one of the experiences I have and that makes me help them with a plate of food and blessing them in the name of Jesus.”

Delivery Of Meals To The Street | March 2020

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“The LORD your God is with you, he is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing.”


Third devotional to students | March 2020


On March 12, 2020, we had our Devotional with the theme “Created to worship God!” taught by Marvin Jerez, who shared that in the difficult moments that young people go through in their lives they have to know that they were created to worship God regardless of their situation.

“Everyone who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made”


Third Devotional To Students

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Kinder camp to second primary | March 2020


On March 6, 2020, God is good allows us to prepare his camp from those who make the games, to those who execute all the activity.

The Lord allows me to see the formation of his warriors from an early age and to experience their growth, it is nice to see how God chooses them, prepares them and trains them for his army how one day I prepare myself.

“Trust in the LORD and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture”

PSALM 37:3 (NIV)

Kinder camp to Second Primary

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Delivery of school supplies in villages of Izabal | March 2020


On March 2, 2020, it is a wonderful experience because we can see how God meets the needs of children with his supplies.

2 points visited

1. Baltimore.

2. San Gil, Casería Vista Hermosa.

What I saw: We were able to see their need and we saw how God answers the teachers’ prayers asking for help to help these children and to see God’s provision to bring these study materials to these children.

What I felt: Much emotion to see their smiles of gratitude, in a place so far away and that they can think, who thinks of us if we live so far away!

What I learned: God has taught me that every effort to do good gives you a special feeling; God makes you feel what he feels, a lot of love for others.

“Since you are my rock and my fortress, for the sake of you name lead and guide me”


Delivery Of School Supplies In Villages Of Izabal

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