Bringing education

During our visit to Xela we endorse the study of 20 children of Ebenezer Centre through the Centre Education Project Apoyate en Mi. It is a pleasure to help more children get a decent education.


Extending our Vision

During our visit to Xela we were sharing with our sister Mandy in an activity where gifts were also presented and delicious snack is shared with the group of people to which she supports.

We believe that supporting these small projects will extend our vision throughout the Republic of Guatemala so that together we educate, supply, rescue and restore creating opportunities



Supporting Pastor Quincho on village Sicja Xela

During our visit to a village called Sicja in Xela we share with a group of children bringing them the word of God in a different way without losing the focus so that the children could understand the message of God. We also shared a delicious snack and a gift.



Gift Delivery in Road to Xela

On 16 and 17 December we made a trip of blessing where we had the opportunity to share with children across the road, them wait for someone to stop to give her gift, God does not forget them and sent his team to bring them words of spirit.


Holiday gathering 2015

Every year at the Foundation we take a day to share our experiences throughout 2015, we enjoyed a delicious lunch with all team of this great family. Thanks to all!



Street closure 2015

As every year during the week of November 30 to December 4 outputs street were made to different parts of the city where the Word of God is briefly shared with the homeless people living in extreme poverty in our city as well as a rich tamale and hot chocolate was shared, gifts to children were also distributed.

This activity is the center of our foundation and we hope to keep going because our main goal is to continue to reach all these people.