Thanks to CINEPOLIS PORTALES all the Primary and Secondary students of Colegio Apoyate en Mi might enjoy a morning of cinema along with school staff. Teachers and students were able to watch a funny animated film and were able to share a moment outside the school, in adittion all received a little present because of having finished the 2015 school year.

Costume party

On November 25 took place at the Colegio Apoyate en Mi  a costume party in the area of Pre Primary and students also they participated  1st, 2nd and 3rd Primary.

This activity ended  the 2015 school year, a movie was projected to the students and it could shared with them a moment of recreation.

Gifts to all present were delivered and so the activity was completed by firing the students and wished them a happy holiday.


General Closure of Pre Primary and Primary

On 24 November took place the General Closure of Pre Primary and Primary of the Colegio Apoyate en Mi.

They were performed choreography by students of Pre Primary and Primary with the theme of Christmas, the outstanding students from each grade was awarded and parents were thanked for their support to their children during this school year .


Students of career Perito in Electronics INTECAP Zone 7 had a camp on the installations of Kaleb’s Events.
They were greeted with a welcome speech given by our CEO Giuseppe Teruel. After dynamics were conducted to meet the participants. Different activities for which groups were integrated to interact in a more personal way were made.

Lunch with participants was shared and in the afternoon after a time of praise a speech by preacher and entrepreneur Richard Hernandez was given.

At day’s end the aim of the camp to motivate and encourage the youth group about the dangers of drugs, alcohol and its consequences was translated.

We hope that the seed that was implanted in the heart of this group can give a result that is reflected in the professional growth of these young people.




Apoyate en Mi Graduation’s Students

November 16 took place the graduation of students from Third Basic Journal Plan (10 students), Third Basic Weekend Plan  (18 students), High School by maturity Weekend  Plan(19 students) for a total of 47 students.

The event took place at the Chamber of Industry, where the presentation of diplomas was held, the outstanding student award and the delivery of gifts to the graduates.

We thank God for this stage to finish with these young people are the result of efforts of all staff.


Thanksgiving Day

On November 11 it was held on Thanksgiving Day of the students who completed the cycle of primary, basic and diversified Plan Journal and Weekend Plan.

During the event an act of welcome was held and a religious service was held  too to thank God for this end of cycle.

Then a coffe break was shared with students and parents and ended with words of our CEO Giuseppe Teruel.