Last May was held primary camp on the premises of “Eventos Kaleb” our children full of joy shared between dynamic and educational games every Christian fundamental values. “Operación Rescate” is committed to moving spiritual principles and values so we took these camps to approach the children and convey the message of God in a dynamic and joyful way, because we are sure that this message will change your lifestyle.


Day 1


Day 2


Devotional and civic act

It is essential for the formation of our students foster both Christian values and civic values so we encourage our students to participate in such events.


Learning in class home

During the month of May the students of primary from the education project “Apóyate en mí” conducted an activity where they learned to make a delicious decorative monument from fruit.


Activity with American friends

On May 6 we had the pleasant visit of our American friends who lived with our children the educational project “Apóyate en mí”, our American friends shared a delicious lunch with the staff of “Operación Recate” It is a great blessing for our children these people visit us.


Celebration for Mother’s Day

On May 10 it held a delicious lunch organized by students and staff of the educational project “Apóyate en mí” where all the mothers of the students were invited, was a lunch full of joy where we share together with that being wonderful who gave us life.