Video Summary January 2015

This 2015 has arrived with great blessings and one of them is our Communications department which making use of audiovisual and multimedia technology will have the responsibility to keep interested people informed  in the work carried out Operation Rescue.

Today we share a message in a video of events in the school “Apoyate en Mi” during the month of January. We hope to continue to bless our children through our creator in this new school year.



American brothers visit our facilities and access to streets with their company

We thank our Creator for the opportunity to be visited by our American brothers in our facilities.

The pleasant visit Hopechest owner’s foundation was a great blessing for our children.

Likewise we had the opportunity to serve breakfast together our children, thank you for the offered company to go out food to our brothers in the street whom we bless with physical food and especially with the spiritual food we provide them with much affection.


Delivery of notebooks and spare to children from our primary

Beginning of this year we visited several of our friends and we want to especially thank Diana, Denis, Alejandra and staff Puma stations who showed up at our facility during January to bless our children by providing backpacks with school supplies which will be of great benefit to their studies and especially for their personal growth; thank you for giving of their time and affection, we are confident that our Creator has blessed greatly.


Classes start primary and secondary school

Last January 15th was a day full of blessing as we begin a new school year, see smiles on the faces of children to reenter at school fills us with joy and energy to continue working on behalf of God and to better serve these children. Similarly, it gives us great satisfaction to provide each student their daily breakfast in this new cycle that even begins.

We also thank God since the day we had the good fortune to begin classes with high school youth and to encourage them to pursue their dreams and give them the opportunity to excel as individuals bearing in mind its creator.