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A light of hope in Juanito’s life

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Juan Geovanny Castro Chamalé, more known amongst us  as “Juanito”, it’s a teenager from Guatemala whom has struggled from his situation, helped by Fundación Operación Rescate. Welcomed by the organization, he studied and learn to put his trust into God so he could achieve a full positive life within society. After all these years Juanito comments: “I thank God for having Operación Rescate rescued me and all the benefactors, whom have believe in the children and teenagers from our Country.”

We chat a little with Juanito and we would like to share it with you:

Tell us about your family.

When I was 8 years old I went to live with my grandma. I studied and worked hard by her side until I finished middle school. Those years I lived with her are the best and she is for me my “super granny”.

Before entering “Apoyate en mi”, ¿Were you attending school?

Before entering “Apóyate en mí” indeed I was studying but I failed that year, I was in “primero básico” *(high school). Then I meet the school that helped me out .

¿How did you hear from Operación Rescate?

I was introduced to Operación Rescate by a great woman whom believed in me. I am really thankful towards her because I would had never meet the principal and I don’t know where I would be today if she hadn’t helped me.

¿How different was your experience studying at the school “Apóyate en mí”?

As a student my experience was really nice because I never thought the things I could learn at such a different school; my spiritual life changed and I meet a really important person, named Jesus, whom entered my heart.

¿What other benefits did you got from Operación Rescate?

Bags full of supplies, clothes, medicine and food, but specially God’s word at all time.

¿How did Operación Rescate helped you after school was over?

They gave me the opportunity to help back at school. I am still supporting Operación Rescate by been the messenger boy and been a “handy guy”.

If you had to resume Operación Rescate in one phrase what would you say?

I should say: “A light of hope for the families of the children”. They also have this great say: “Operación Rescate, a candle in the middle that never burns out and it’s a great bless”.

¿In the future, how would you like to help Operación Rescate?

Well, I would like to help them economically so they could give the children more opportunities and growth in the things of God.

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